Got Goals? This 3-Step Personal Growth Plan Will Help You Crush Them


Dec 22
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It’s easy to be confident when things are going well, but what about when ‘ish hits the fan? This article is about creating a personal growth plan that will keep you on track through the rough patches.

People who have a winning mindset have the winning habits to back it up. They know that they’ll continue to be successful because they prove it to themselves on a daily basis.

3-Step Personal Growth Plan

1. Set Daily goals and crush them.

2. ​​​​Be proud to be consistent. 

3. Have a clear vision of what your success will feel like.

When you consistently set and meet small goals, all day, every day, you build a winning mindset.

By focusing hard on your future success, it will act as a magnet and pull you towards your dreams. Vision and hard work are a hell of a pair! They’ll be the core of your personal growth plan.

Personal Growth Plan Phase 1: Stay in Attack Mode By Setting and Meeting Small Goals

Goals are your best friend. They keep you honest. When you set a mark and fall short, that failure is the most helpful and accurate feedback you can get. High performers thrive on the knowledge they gain and the motivation they get from failure.

The first phase of your personal growth plan is to become a goal junky. How fast can you take a shower? By what time can you make it out of the house?

If you already set and crushed a handful of mini goals by the time you hit your 10:30 presentation, how likely are you going to be to deliver an incredible speech? Answer: Very!

You’ll find that you get a ton of joy out of having these ongoing competitions with yourself. They keep the sensation of victory fresh in your bones.

At the same time, failing keeps you resilient to adversity. 

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Personal Growth Plan Phase 2: Be Consistent With the Things That Matter Most

Consistency is the backbone of success, but only when you apply it to the right habits. I know how easily a day can slip away. The later it gets, the more people are fighting for my time. That’s why I always try to do the hardest and most important tasks first.

Seth_Godin_Loves_Purple Cow_Milk

Seth Godin calls it “swallowing your frogs first.” If you haven’t heard of Seth, he’s the entrepreneurial savant who wrote the books Purple Cow and Linchpin, among others.

Seth wakes up early every morning to get his email out of the way. He values his connection with his loyal followers and recognizes that responding to their emails is important enough to earn the #1 spot on his daily priority list.

If it’s your dream to become a professional dancer, don’t schedule your only dance practice at the end of the day. Life is crazy, and stuff happens. If dance classes only take place in the evening, then wake up early and do whatever workouts you can at home.

Put the pressure on yourself to make progress immediately every day. Then see who can stand in your way. Consistency is king!

Personal Growth Plan Phase 3: Have a Clear Vision of Success

Dedicate time every day to visualize your success. This is the piece of your personal growth plan that matters most.

Debbie Millman knows.

She’s a titan in the world of branding, and her work has shaped the image of massive companies like Burger King and Star Wars. She’s also an influential female in an industry full of dudes and knows plenty about overcoming adversity.

She attributes a lot of her success to having a strong vision. Debbie broke down in detail what she calls “Your Ten-Year Plan For a Remarkable Life” exercise on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast earlier this year. It’s a routine she does that focuses her intent and connects her daily efforts to her long-term goals. If you’re interested in listening to the interview, she starts talking about the “Ten-Year Plan” at 1:34:00.

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As you get caught up in the grind of your weekly routine, it can be easy to deviate from your long-term goals and not even notice. To keep this from happening, do like Debbie does and start off your day visualizing in extreme detail what your long-term success will be like. Feel the sand slide between your toes as you take a walk on your beachfront property, see exactly what color and style your beach chair will be, and watch the smiles on your kids’ faces as they run into the water.

Scientific studies indicate that visualization techniques do more than just motivate. They prime your brain for achieving success. Visualization techniques activate the same neurological pathways that fire when you execute the action in real life. By regularly envisioning the experience of success, your brain will be ready to rock n' roll when the time comes. (R)

Final Tips

  • Success comes from a strong vision and the dedication to maintaining the little habits that help get you there.
  • Be successful every day by setting small goals and knocking them out of the way one by one with authority.
  • Do the things that are most relevant to your long-term personal growth early in the day to avoid being derailed by interruptions.
  • Prime your brain for success by regularly visualizing what manifesting your dreams will feel like.