Top 10 Personal Development Blogs For Dudes 2018


Dec 29
top personal development blogs for men

These are the top personal development blogs for people with a Y chromosome.

All of these blogs kick ass. That’s why it’s called “ the Top 10”. # 1 isn’t any better than #2. They’re both awesome in their own ways.

Tim Ferriss is the man when it comes to picking the brains of high performers.

Want to make sure you have a great weekend? Primer’s got your back.

Speaking of having you covered, # 2 is the shiz.

Top Personal Development Blogs For The Fellas

#1 The Tim Ferriss Show


Tim Ferriss is a legend in the DIY entrepreneurial scene, and he has the kickass podcast and blog to prove it.

These are long-form podcast episodes that dig deep into the minds of the world’s top high performers:

  • Four Star General Stanley McChrystal 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Tony Robbins
  • Hollywood Director Robert Rodriguez

His site is a treasure trove of information on self improvement. Book recommendations, interviews with endless celebrities and top performers, life hacks, nutritional advice, you name it, he’s got it.

Knowledge on top of knowledge on top of knowledge makes this one of the most successful personal development blogs of all time.

#2 Charisma On Command


The guys at Charisma On Command have created a full-on personal growth university for their readers that does what regular universities can’t.

They teach you how to be an exceptional communicator.

Ben and Charlie, the site’s founders, were just two standard white boys that started out on the traditional path to adulthood. When they got fed up with the corporate jobs that college funneled them into, they decided to strike out on their own and get serious about getting the most out of life.

They ended up being super successful and created Charisma on Command to help other stragglers get on the fast track to crushing life. 

#3 The Quintessential Mind


This site is similar to Tim Ferriss without all the high-profile interviews. The site is the brainchild of Andrian Iliopoulos, who founded the site back in 2014.

Their article Topics are the sort of thing that fans of Ferriss will love.

Stoicism, how to be a great storyteller (an underrated skill for sure), and tons of other personal mastery hacks make The Quintessential Mind one of the best personal development blogs for men. The breadth of topics is wide AF so there’s always a little something to keep you learning.

#4 Order Of Man

Order of Man is the home of Ryan Michler’s blog and podcast. He didn't have a consistent male role model growing up.  Ryan knows what it's like to have to crack the riddle of manliness on his own.  Order of Man is the male role model you never had. He covers all the core concepts of other male personal development blogs and then some. 




and all things manly,

with a heavy lean into the business and finance realm.

You might come here for an article on work habits and end up listening to a podcast that helps you save money. Either way, you'll be a better man because of it.

#5 How To Beast

Not all personal development blogs fit the standard mold. Men come to How To Beast for two reasons: to get ripped and to get confident.


This site is the perfect hybrid of physical fitness and personal development.

Self-proclaimed meatheads will love How To Beast. David de las Morenas started the blog to share his transformation from scrawny and insecure to jacked and confident. Check out How To Beast and begin your own transformation.

#6 Mark Manson


One look at the credentials on Mark Manson’s homepage and you won’t question why he's so successful. Mark is the author of the smash-hit book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck.

His website is an extension of the killer advice that he gives in the Subtle Art, plus tons more.

He gives away several of his ebooks on the site’s homepage. Visit and gain self-knowledge, get happier, build positive habits, and discover why he has one of the top personal development blogs for dudes.

#7 MenProvement


MenProvement does an impressive job of packing in a ton of great content.

They also have a kickass podcast to go along with the blog.

At MenProvement you’ll find everything from interviews with top dating coaches to hacks that improve sleep and increase productivity. The reading is lighter and more accessible so you can fuel your mind with knowledge and then carry on with your day.

#8 The Art Of Manliness


Sometimes you want to improve yourself in less intense ways. The Art of Manliness focuses on the lighter side of self-improvement, like grooming, fashion, how to give a great toast at a party, and how to beat bad breath.

They also cover fitness and athletics, romance and family life, and money management.

The Art of Manliness most definitely deserves a spot in your blog rotation. You’ll also love their sick vintage aesthetic.

#9 Primer Magazine


If you’re a laid back guy in his early to mid-twenties,

Primer is your go-to personal development blog for fashion and dating advice. Emphasis here on dating, not marriage advice.

They reject the douchey GQ image of the successful male.

Look great in the club, improve your professional skills, and stack paper with Primer. Hey, they have over 600,000 monthly readers for a reason. 

#10 The Good Men Project


Are you a grown ass man who’s trying to get even growner? The Good Men Project has you covered.

Definitely the best personal development blog for the married man.

Like a lot of male self-improvement blogs, they cast a wide net with what they cover. What sets them apart is their emphasis on marriage, family life, and raising kids. They even have a category for raising boys specifically. It doesn’t get more “dad” than that.