Manifesting Your Dreams By Taking Action: The Advanced Guide


Nov 02
Manifesting Your Dreams Advanced Guide


 Why This Guide?

Advice is wonderful, but it's useless without a blueprint for how to use it. Each chapter of this guide presents an obstacle to personal growth, explains the psychology behind it, and suggests short and challenging tasks that are designed to ignite change in the way you see yourself. 

If all goes as planned, you'll be inspired to live a happier life, and you're going to do it by manifesting your dreams in 8 simple (and challenging) steps.

You can't be happy if you don't love the process of understanding yourself. I'm not just talking about feeling happy. I'm talking about overflowing with it. That's when you provide real value to your coworkers, to your friends, and to your family.

Who is This Guide For?

This guide is for anyone who's ready to accomplish more in life by gaining a serious understanding of what makes them tick. 

Want to be more persuasive?

People don't absorb what you say unless they feel the emotion behind your words. Your happiness is evidence that you've solved the biggest problem of all: being happy. If you can solve the happiness riddle, people are more inclined to trust that you can solve other problems as well.

In the rest of this guide, we're going to deconstruct common challenges into actionable advice to make manifesting your dreams a cinch.

How to Use This Guide?

Each section of this guide has actionable advice and personal growth exercises that can be used on their own, so there's know reason to read the whole guide at once.

If you're curious about how exercise impacts your life, then chapter eight has everything you need. My advice is to only bite off what  you can follow through on. This guide isn't a magic pill for personal growth, but it becomes one if you digest its ideas and apply them.

This guide is about pushing you to evolve, and you're going to do it by gaining a greater understanding of yourself.

Chapter 1 Desire Acceptance

The fear of

As a human being, you prefer that your community embraces you for who you are. You want to be accepted, and have a natural fear of rejection. 

people icons

In this chapter, you're going to face down your fear of rejection with some public displays of self-expression.

Chapter 2 Self Expression

Radical Self Expression

Don't ignore your instinct to take action when you feel it. Embracing your instincts, even in small ways, encourages you to trust your gut. You can't crush life without having killer instincts.

salt guy stencil

You're going to develop those killer instincts with exercises that breakdown mental resistance and encourage verbal flow.

Chapter 3 Gender Identity

Gender Identity

Unfortunately, your most formative years happen when you're too young to influence how you develop. When you're young, you're parents and friends have a larger impact on your development than you do. You need to take a magnifying glass to those formative years, reverse engineer social conditioning, and take stock of who you are. Gender identity is all a matter of perspective, and it's never too late to start rocking the pink, excuse me, salmon, cardigan.

male female symbols manifesting

In this chapter, we're going to explore the interests that our parents and peers may have steered us away from because of our gender.

In this chapter, you're going to maximize productivity by tracking what helps you get into flow state.

Chapter 4 Manifesting

Like You Mean It

When it comes to the things that make us happy as adults, playing games is an underutilized tool. Playing puts us in the moment. Team games strengthens social connections by giving us something to bond over. Working together to accomplish a common goal brightens how we see our community. Enough cooperative play can override deeply ingrained fears of judgment and rejection.

person playing frisbee icon

You're going to improve your focus, increase productivity, and reduce stress by blocking off time to play throughout the week.

Chapter 5 Manifesting


Sex is central to your drive for survival and and for experiencing pleasure, yet we have a long cultural history of suppressing our sexual desires. We all enjoy different things when it comes to sex. The point of this chapter is to explore what your limits are.

sex symbols manifesting

You're going to test your sexual boundaries so that you can use sex to bring more fun and joy into your life.

Chapter 6 Manifesting

Your Creativity

We all want to leave a legacy, however small. Something that says "I was here, I was special." This doesn't have to be artistic. It can be anything that leaves a unique mark on the world.

light bulb goes off mans head

In this chapter, you're going to explore your creative process so that you can produce more meaningful work.

Chapter 7 Manifesting

Getting down with

Focused meditation, where you sit and try to observe your thoughts as they float by, is an easy concept to pitch: go about your chaotic day, and then block off 10-20 mins to observe how you feel. But what about dedicating more time, say an hour, for a free-flowing brainstorm session? Observe your thoughts, and then, rather than letting them float by, focus on the thoughts that inspire you. See what connections your subconscious makes. This is anti-meditation. Whenever I do this, I find myself connecting current problems to events I hadn't thought of in years. The result can be eye-opening. We all value having a greater understanding of ourselves, and that's exactly what anti-mediation has to offer. Who doesn't have a little time for a little inspiration?

eyeball stencil
floral design stencil medium

In this chapter you're going to incorporate anti-meditation into your routine for a happier, more productive life.

Are you pumped yet?

explosive fist bump

Let's get into it!

Playing, not just for kids.

Sex, have more of it.

Is your mind blown yet?

It shouldn't be, but you're not going to follow the recommendations in this guide because of its revolutionary concepts (it has none, just helpful observations). You’re going to watch your confidence blossom and follow your own lead. The more action you take, the bigger you’ll smile, and the closer you’ll get to manifesting your dreams into reality.

Table of Contents

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Manifesting your dreams advanced guide
Chapter 1 Manifesting Acceptance

The Fear of


In this chapter, you're going to look at how your desire for acceptance can either limit your potential or expand it. Then you'll take action to overcome the fear of rejection.

people icons

Humans are pack animals. We thrive in groups and suffer alone. For your genes to be passed on, you have to be likable, at least likable enough to not to get kicked out of your tribe. It's the reason why we find so much joy in connecting with other people. Bonding socially means having relationships you can trust, and more people to watch your back. It also means more good times, because the same relationships that keep you safe make you happy.

Today, there are endless different tribes to belong to, and there’s no need to worry about being rejected by any one group. The fear of rejection is the source of most social anxiety, and it influences many of the biggest decisions you'll make in life.

You Care What They Think

In prison, solitary confinement is a punishment. Socializing is so essential to our sanity that we'd rather live alongside violent criminals than be locked away by ourselves where no one can hurt us. If that doesn't say something about the power of our drive for connection, I don't know what does.


You have to admit that you care what people think. The irony is that everyone's so preoccupied with themselves that nobody's paying attention to you.

I don't want to get to the end of my life and realize that other people's opinions shaped my life more than my own did. When I think about what I need to do to be in control of my life, I know that I need to challenge my own instincts. I can't be sure about the decisions I’ve made until I question why I've made them.

Manifesting Change

Are you ready for your first opportunity to take action?

Get after it!

  1. Lay on your back for 30 seconds in a crowded public place.
  2. Reader’s choice.
  3. Reader’s choice.
  4. Compliment someone random.
  5. Save someone.

Five times in 10 minutes you're going to do something that makes you stand out in a crowd. I want you to brainstorm a couple ideas of what exactly you'll do for #2 and #3. The first challenge, though, is on me. 

# 1. Lay on your back for 30 seconds in the middle of a crowded place. People will stare at you. It will be funny. You will grow. 

#2 and #3. The next two challenges that you pick should be similar. For example, you can strike a Charlie's Angels pose. Anything works as long as you can observe how people react while you do it.

The last two challenges involve some talking.

# 4. Compliment someone random.

You have to mean it, and bonus points if you make them cry, with joy.

For the last challenge, you're going to have to be opportunistic. We all want to be someone's hero, so here's your chance.

# 5. Your final task for this chapter is to stand up for someone who's being insulted or harassed.

Be safe, but when the opportunity comes to speak up, take it. If you don't happen across someone who's being harrassed, find someone who's obviously having a rough day and strike up a positive conversation. Blast them with happy energy, and watch them transform.  

Seeing other people as an extension of yourself, and living that empathy, does wonders for chopping down the waves of social anxiety. Anyone who's willing to take the plunge and stand up for a stranger is capable of manifesting their own desires.

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection 

Reducing anxiety means challenging the fear you have of social rejection. You can't conquer the hard challenges if you're preoccupied with what people think. When it comes to financial success, your fear of rejection is a limiting factor. It saps you of bold, fearless action, stifles your thoughts, and holds you back from manifesting your dreams.


There's a voice inside of your head that tells you not to assert yourself in new environments. The top dog could  be anywhere in the room, and you’re afraid you might piss him off. But to get what you want from the world, you have to say what you want, loudly.

The good news is that you can break free from this fear pretty quickly, it just means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

I always say that if you're not embarrassed, you're not growing.

(I guess I've done a lot of growing.)

The desire for acceptance is powerful, but not all groups make decisions that you stand for. Make it a habit to stand up for others and it’ll become a habit to stand up for yourself. We all want to be as happy as we can. That's life goal number one. Follow your internal compass, know what you want, ask for it loudly, and go get it.


You're the coolest!

Manifesting your dreams advanced guide
Chapter 2 Manifesting Self Expression

Radical Self Expression


In this chapter, you're going to express yourself by strengthening the connection between what you think and feel, and what you say and do.

We all need to express ourselves to make lasting bonds. Being genuine and vulnerable gets hard, though, when you live in a densely populated city around so many people who you know very little about. 


Public Speaking and Fight or Flight

In a perfect evolutionary world, our fight or flight response would be calibrated to modern times. Unfortunately, our survival instincts are still stuck in the stone age, and a good portion of them aren't applicable to our daily lives. Not only that, but many of our survival instincts are more likely to hurt us than they are to help us with manifesting our goals. The fear we have of public speaking is a perfect example of an outdated survival mechanism that can hold us back if we're not careful.


When you're standing on stage with a room full of eyes staring at you, your primitive brain is terrified. Back in the day, having that many eyes staring at you meant you were being hunted or about to be cast out from the tribe, but chances are that today nobody’s trying to eat you. We're emotional creatures first, and logical second, although we like to think that it's the other way around. Understanding where this fear comes from will help you perform under stress.

Manifesting Change

Phase One

Stream of song verbal flow exercise.

Phase Two

Condensed small talk.

Phase Three

Public speaking.


Sing it Away

The first challenge for this chapter is verbal free-association. At home or anywhere private, throw on your favorite song. Instead of singing the lyrics, sing about your day, and feel free to go off on any tangent you please.


The only rule is that you have to roll with whatever pops into your head. Use the music to create a fluid connection between what you think and what you say. It's a great exercise for breaking through mental resistance.


Condensed Small Talk

Now your brain should be primed for verbal flow. Try socializing in short sessions and be sure to do a lot of talking. Do this day after day with the same consistency, even if it just means chatting up people at the bar for 30 mins before heading home after a busy day.


Building momentum only works if you stay consistent. Set achievable small goals of condensed small talk and stick with it. That voice of doubt in your head will get quieter and quieter the more you prove it wrong.


Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Let’s face it, your fight or flight response is  determined to stay in control. In its defense, it's only trying to keep you alive. All you need to do is put in some work into re-educating it. Your final challenge for this chapter is to give three 20-second long speeches in a public place.


"Everyone, may I have your attention please," and go straight into it. No need to stick around for the aftermath, but while you're giving your speech, pay attention to how you're feeling. By the third and final speech, you should feel a lot less nervous, and that's the goal. 

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

Overriding such deeply ingrained survival instincts take time. The next time you speak to a crowd, pay close attention to how you feel.

My guess is that the second your eyes meet the audience, you'll get a little more nervous, even if you're a seasoned pro. Your primitive brain is speaking up. "Are these eyes trying to hunt me?" your brain’s asking.

Nah, all good here brain, just a little public speaking is all.




Manifesting your dreams advanced guide
Chapter 3 Manifesting Gender Identity

Challenging Gender Identity


Manifesting your dreams is easy when you're confident that you know what you want. In this chapter, you're going to challenge the gender expectations that shape you by exploring new interests.

male female symbols manifesting

Our gender is at the center of what shapes. How we talk, walk, and what we show interest in are all affected by social expectations. I want to know myself as well as I can, so I'm always curious about how I'll react to new experiences. Sometimes I end up hating what I thought I'd like, and other times I end up liking what I thought I'd hate.

How Gender Roles Develop


The first influence is your parents. 

They want us to be prepared for life, to be successful, and they know that society expects different things from boys and girls. It's easier to go with the flow and guide our kids to embrace what society says are gender appropriate behaviors. Then both the parents and the kids avoid the judgment that comes with breaking the status quo.

The second influence is your peers.

As adults, social conditioning continues to squeeze us into tighter and tighter categories. It's no secret that kids have a wider range of acceptable behaviors than adults do. As we approach adulthood, we start to act a little more professional. We're less goofy and adhere more closely to social norms. There’s an urban myth that 3 to 6-year-olds laugh around 300 times a day. While there's no solid evidence to support this, I think we can all agree that kids laugh way more than adults do. Who the hell decided that laughing was immature?

Research shows that laughter reduces the stress hormones epinephrine, dopamine, and cortisol, and increases health-improving neurotransmitters, immune system-enhancing antibodies, and endorphins. Social conditioning isn't just making you laugh less; it's making you less healthy as a result. But laughter isn't something you grow out of, so laugh it up!

You Can Break Free

There's no limit to the amount of judgment and rejection we can take, but it feels like there is. It's hard to feel happy when we're always stressed, so we have two options: blindly follow social norms or not care what people think. Life's easier (and more fun) when we break free from social conditioning.


I choose freedom over acceptance, but depending on the family and society you come from, that decision can mean losing the acceptance of the people you're closest to. Terrifying, I know, but you can challenge social standards, and with the right mentality, grow from it. Don't worry about losing relationships as you evolve. The right people will stay in your life as you become a more genuine version of yourself.

Manifesting Change

Your task for this section is to pick five things that you've always loved and five things that you hate.

What You Love

1+2+3+4+5 + who/what influenced you

What You Hate

1+2+3+4+5 + who/what influenced you + Try what you hate


For the five activities that you love, think back as far as you can about when you started enjoying them and why. List the people who influenced you and record any moments of extreme joy that stand out.

Do the same exercise with the ‘hate' category, but with the added challenge of taking action. If you've always hated going to bars on karaoke night, but never got on stage, try singing some karaoke. Maybe you always told yourself that listening to people who suck at singing sing wasn't exactly your idea of a good time (I couldn't agree more). How shocked would you be, though, to find that you actually love singing karaoke and just never gave yourself the chance.


Discovering new interests is just the icing on the cake. The real win is the confidence you gain from knowing yourself that much better, and the way it opens you up to have even more new experiences. The perfect result would be if trying new things turns into a lifelong habit. Your brains thrive on new experiences, and new experiences lead to new perspectives. 

Deepak Chopra M.D. and Rudolph Tanzi Ph.D. do an excellent job of covering this concept in their book, Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-Being. According to their thesis, the more variety we have in our lives, the stronger our brains are, and the happier we become. So get out there and start manifesting your dreams into reality!


You're a superstar!

Manifesting your dreams advanced guide
Chapter 4 Manifesting

Play Like You Mean it


Playing: the original flow state. In this section, you're going to make playing games a part of your life again. By doing so, you'll reduce stress, become more productive, and strengthen bonds.

person playing frisbee icon

You probably don't play as much as you used to. Hey, it happens. Life's hectic.

It's a shame because games are great at putting us in the moment. Playing team games strengthens social connections by giving us something to bond over. Working together to accomplish a goal brightens how we see the people around us. Enough cooperative play can override deeply ingrained fears of judgment and rejection. We're going to improve focus, increase productivity, and reduce stress by blocking off time to play.

Kids are always doing something fun, so they end up defaulting to flow state most of the time. Even as an adult, a game of basketball is a great way to escape from the stress of the day. It's something that I've always enjoyed, and the game's so fast-paced that it sucks me into the moment every time. Afterwards, I'm able to return to work with increased focus and get serious about manifesting my dreams.

Playing is Rejuvenating

Playing creates a miniature world that you can temporarily escape to and recharge. Because you enjoy playing, you transition to it effortlessly. When you align our emotions with effort, you relax into the moment. It's easy to get so results focused that you forget that your own happiness is part of the desired result.


So don't cast play aside as a relic of the past and replace it with chasing success. You're only going to fill the void with stress-inducing work. With such high rates of anxiety and depression nationwide, it's important to embrace play as a natural way of becoming happier. Go back in time and play like you mean it. Be goofy! Get those endorphins pumping and those smiles a-shining. Play for joy and for entertainment.

Meet New People and Strengthen Bonds

Playing  lowers levels of stress hormones like cortisol, increases health-improving hormones, and stimulates brain activity. Cooperative games raise levels of oxytocin, a hormone involved with creating emotional bonds, and encourages us to be more outgoing. Playing cooperatively with new people teaches our over-reactive fear response to chill out. If we can prove that new faces are an asset more often than a threat, we're in a better situation for strengthening our communities and leading happier lives.


When you first meat someone, your primal brain is still hesitant to trust them. But when you break the ice with a quick game, your fear response calms down because the cooperative effort assures your primitive brain that the new person isn't a threat.

Play is a tool that breaks down barriers that would otherwise prevent new relationships from forming. The instinct to fear new people and environments will always be there to some degree, it's just your genetics trying to keep you alive, but you can play this fear away with the right awareness.

Playing games allows people to bond across cultures and languages. I've spent some time over in Haiti, and it was great to be able to play soccer with the local kids. I was doing my best to learn the language, but we all spoke the language of soccer. The game gave us an opportunity to laugh together and bond in a way that otherwise wouldn't have been possible.


The book Play It Away by Charlie Hoehn is an excellent case study on the power that play has to treat anxiety, improve relationships, and become more productive. He was overworked, over-caffeinated, and understimulated working in the tech industry in the Bay Area. Making play a priority gave him the experiences he needed to soothe his brain and rediscover happiness.

I've always struggled with social anxiety myself, and I can say from experience that playing games, especially when meeting new people, takes some of the pressure off so that I can focus on enjoying myself and sharing my happiness. Happiness is something that everyone wants a piece of. Charisma, wit, humor, none of them stack up against how much people value your joy.

Manifesting Change

The only hard part about getting yourself to play is convincing yourself that playing games does equate to manifesting your dreams. I agree that there is such a thing as too much play. Playing just enough, though, is a momentum builder and a game changer.


Brainstorm five ways that you can fit more playing into your schedule and hash out the details. Pick five activities and fill out a weekly schedule of when you can fit them in. If they involve other people, like throwing a frisbee, make sure that you have someone to play with. (pro-tip: solo frisbee is a lot less fun and a lot more running, grab a buddy).

Rate your ability to focus that day leading up to playing, and then assess your ability to focus afterward. Also notice how your energy level changes along with your mood. 

Playing Increases Productivity

It can be challenging to make room for playing games when you already have a packed schedule. Manifesting your dreams isn't about the amount of time you dedicate to something, it's about the quality of that time, and playing increases the quality of the time you have to offer. We're all more productive when we're in a good mood. Happiness is rarely distracting, and always infectious. Bad moods, on the other hand, are distracting and bring down team morale. 

Who would you rather work with? The coworker who just played frisbee on their lunch break, or the person who ate lunch and took a nap? If you had to guess, the frisbee player is going to be more energized and in a better mood.

Playing primes your brain and body to be in flow state. You get in the zone while you play, and carry that mentality back into the workplace. Your productivity, just like our happiness, will be infectious.


You're gobbling this UP!

Manifesting your dreams advanced guide
Chapter 5 Manifesting

Sex, Have more of IT


In this chapter, you're going to break down the barriers of social conditioning by intentionally exploring your sexuality.

sex symbols manifesting

As you developed, social conditioning limited how you explored your sexuality. Many things were left untouched if society discouraged your from testing them out. (R)

When you get too much direction from society about what you should embrace and what you shouldn't, your path of self-discovery turns into a game of follow-the-leader. Rather than discovering your sexuality through trial and error, you convince yourself of what you like and dislike based off of societal feedback. Underlying it all is the fear that you won't be accepted if you break gender expectations.

How Much Sex Should You Be Having?

A lack of sexual experiences can be damaging to your development. That physical connection is something we all yearn for. When you ignore an urge as primal as sex, you're disconnecting from a lot of your emotional power, power that you could otherwise channel into manifesting your deepest desires.


Having a wider variety of experiences, including sexual ones, only makes you stronger. Sexuality and gender identity are central to your self-image, and without confidence in this area, all of your other life pursuits can become compromised. Ask yourself, "When was the last time someone was less happy as a result of living their sexual fantasies?" Exactly. While I'm sure there are a few exceptions, more sexual expression is never a bad thing.

Manifesting Change

So how do you harness your sexual energy to manifest your wildest fantasies?

You're going to approach this challenge the same way you did with play.

The first exercise is strictly a mental one. The question isn't whether or not you try new things. What's important is having an open mindset while you test new waters. There could be plenty of areas left to explore that you shied away from due to gender expectations. 

1. Write down five experiences that you've always been curious about.

This first set of sexual preferences should all adhere to social norms. When you decide what gender appropriate things you'd like to try, take action. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a secret foot fetish. 


2. Choose five behaviors that your parents and friends would judge you for if they found out.

Think of the types of sex that society generally frowns upon. Imagine yourself having the sex that shall not be named, whatever it is, and take honest note about how it makes you feel.

My guess is that most of you who read this chapter won't follow through with this exercise. Just imagining having taboo sex can be too intimidating for many of us.


3. If you're feeling really brave, watch some porn of said taboo.

Challenging yourself is the point! You're not a fetish freak just because you watch something, and if you find out you have a foot fetish, awesome! Either way, it's a win-win.

The goal is that these thought activities translate into taking real-life action. Without risk, there's no payout.

S​​​​exual expression builds confidence and of course feels great. Will you possibly catch more judgment? Most likely yes, but manifesting your dreams has nothing to do with minimizing judgment. In fact, being concerned about what people think is one of the greatest limiting factors you face on our path to success. Not everyone that you associated with on your rise to the top is going to be accepting of all your little quirks. It’s the price you pay for living the best life possible. Screw the critics, do you.

Think of it this way: If you can sleep with who you want when you want, and how you want, what's to stop you from kicking ass in every other area of your life too?


Play With It

Sex won't start bringing you real joy until you start approaching it as a form of play.

It's a way to share joy, feel pleasure, and form bonds. This doesn't mean that all three of these things will happen every time, but the potential’s always there. Once you’re free from the limitations of social conditioning, you can start having some fun and use sex to explore new types of relationships.

Approach sex as a form of play, and you'll be able to harness that energy to manifest desires throughout your life. Now that’s a win-win. Explore sexuality. Inspire self-expression. Enjoy life to the fullest.


You're in the groove now!

Manifesting your dreams advanced guide
Chapter 6 Manifesting

Your Creativity


We all want to leave a legacy, however small. Something that says "I was here, I was special." In this chapter, you're going to foster your creative side by learning what helps and what hurts your creative flow.

light bulb goes off mans head

Creativity is always an internal experience first. It starts with your emotions and translates into action. When you play, creativity is alive in the form of the energy you exchange and the joy you create.

Creativity is Innovation

Creativity isn't just a means of self-discovery, it's also essential to professional success and financial well-being. Your ability to come up with novel ideas and innovations is how you offer value in a way that no one else can. Even if you think that your job doesn't have a creative element to it, that doesn't mean you can't stand out in the workplace by making original contributions. 


People who climb to the top are innovators who've gone through a process of self-discovery to get there.

By constantly challenging themselves with new experiences, high achievers are used to seeing problems from multiple angles and coming up with original solutions. They've gotten to know themselves well enough to know how to encourage creative thinking. 

When your creativity is at last under your influence, you'll be manifesting your desires and offering unique value to the world.

Manifesting Change

Do ​It!

1. When you have a burst of creativity, take note of what you were doing leading up to it, how you were feeling, where you were, and who you were with.

2. The next time you're having a hard time creating, try to recreate the environment you were in when you felt inspired.

Anything that you can do to be more creative is going to make you feel more in control of your life. Goals that were once was allusive will become a little more reachable.

You're Not an Imposter, You're You

When you're having a hard time being creative, confidence can be part of the issue. Imposter syndrome: feeling like you don't belong with the big dogs, is common among high performers. It's helpful to remind yourself of this when you're trying to get the creative juices flowing. Ask yourself what the purpose is of what you do? Is it for accolade or joy? If you're always comparing yourself to others, ask yourself why.

Don't compete, create from your heart.

Model your creative process off of the habits that you already know make you happier, and build on those. You'll become a factory for creativity and a master at manifesting your deepest desires.

Re-framing how you categorize yourself in the social hierarchy can help to avoid imposter syndrome. If you think of yourself as having to be either a dominate alpha or a submissive beta, think again. Independently minded leaders that don't fit the mold now have more lanes for success in the rapidly changing work landscape.


Put Your Stamp On It!

Manifesting your dreams advanced guide
Chapter 7 Manifesting



Anti-meditation = active brainstorming. In this chapter, you're going to make space in your schedule for one hour of deep reflection every week.

When times get tough, I can push through the hard parts if I'm 100% certain that I'm on the right path. That's why I value having an hour every week to be alone with my thoughts. The time to myself gives me the opportunity to question my goals so that if I'm tempted to quit later in the week, I've already recommitted to manifesting my goals just days before.

eyeball stencil

Quality of Work vs. Quantity of Work

Nowadays we seem to glorify having a packed schedule as being indicative of a productive life, and being able to say that we're always busy is worn like a badge of honor. 

Having a lot going on, however, isn't necessarily conducive to a productive or happy life. In fact, more so than not, busywork is just busywork, and a full plate of tasks is guaranteed only to eat up time. In the process, the quality of your work can suffer.


Derek Sivers is one of my idols, largely because his professional life is an ideal example of what one person can accomplish by chunking together long sessions of deep work. Derek's the creator of CD Baby, the original online music distributor, and is also a phenomenal coder and computer programmer. He'll spend months waking up and pulling 14-hour days until a project is finished. With that quality of uninterrupted time, it's no wonder why he has such an impressive track record of accomplishments.

Meditation vs. Anti-meditation

Traditional meditation comes from many different cultures and methods of practice, but the general concept is to eliminate distractions and observe your thoughts as they float by the mind's eye. Anti-meditation is similar to traditional meditation in that you also start by emptying your mind of distractions. Only then can inspirational thoughts rise to the surface.

When you have a thought that attracts you, rather than watching it drift by as with traditional meditation, focus on it and see where it takes you. Explore whatever rabbit holes inspiration takes you. 


When i anti-meditate, I often connect current problems that I"m facing to past experiences, some of which I hadn't thought of in years. The effect can be inspiring and motivational. Inspiration comes when you connect two distant pieces of yourself that were formerly unrelated. It's something that the minds does naturally when given the space to do so, but most of us lead lives that are far too hectic. If your want to get serious about manifesting your goals, you need to be proactive about carving out the time for deep reflection.


Your task for this section is to dedicate one hr/week of uninterrupted time to letting your mind wander in the style of anti-meditation. The goal is to come up with at least five ideas for deep work that are worth of being part of your life's legacy. Visualize yourself completing those tasks, and imagine in vivid detail what it's like to be there, feeling those feelings of accomplishment. Let the satisfaction soak into you. Then, don't wait to take action. Start looking into what it would take to accomplish those goals and get after them.


Deep Work

Chunking together sessions of intense focus is the most efficient way to make lasting progress. Stringing together small task after small task can be an effective way to make money in the short term, but it does little for manifesting larger goals.


The trick is deciding what deep work will bring you the most joy. We all want to leave a legacy, however small. Something that says "I was here," and "I made something happen." Anti-meditation is the process of exploring your thoughts and desires to learn what deep work is calling you. When you love what you do, it's easy to develop the habits that will launch you into a successful and meaningful life. 

What motivates you is complex. Mostly, you just want to survive. Then, you want to love and be loved. Next, you want to feel in control of the trajectory of your life. And finally, you want to make a unique contribution to the world. But how do you know with confidence that you're moving in the right direction? This question is especially hard to answer when your days are bogged down by trivial tasks. With anti-meditation, you can give yourself the time to align your daily routine with manifesting your dreams.

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