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Best Kratom for Depression: Ultimate Antidepressant – Painkiller Stack
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Green Vein Kratom: Ultimate Guide
Green vein kratom is what I take most often. Green vein types are balanced between stimulation, pain relief, anxiety relief,[...]
Yellow Vein Kratom: Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects
Yellow vein kratom is most similar to white vein types. Yellow vein kratom doesn’t occur naturally. The kratom leaves turn[...]
White Vein Kratom: Ditch You Cup of Coffee and Switch to Kratom
White vein kratom is more of a stimulant than a painkiller. Most types of kratom are known for having effects[...]
Red Vein Kratom – King of Chill, Master of Pain Relief
Red vein kratom is relaxing, reduces anxiety and does the best job of reducing pain. I take red vein kratom[...]
Red Thai Kratom Boosts Energy and Fights Depression
Thailand is the international home of kratom! Red Thai kratom is an energizing strain that reduces mild to moderate pain.More[...]
Red Borneo Kratom for Anxiety and Pain Relief, Origin, and Dosage
Red Borneo kratom is one of the top-selling strains for reducing anxiety and relieving pain. I was having a hard[...]
Indo Kratom for Anxiety and Pain
Indo kratom is great for:Reducing anxietyTreating depressionRelieving pain ANDEasing opioid withdrawalsWith a low risk of side effects. Indo kratom is on[...]
Red Bali Kratom for Pain and Sleep
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Green Malay Kratom: 7 Health Benefits, Boosts Mood, Reduces Anxiety, Energizing and More
Green Malay kratom is ideal for regular, daytime use. Take Green Malay kratom to increase energy, reduce pain, boost mood,[...]
Best Maeng Da Kratom 2018
Maeng Da is a popular kratom strain. Why? Because it's just as good at boosts energy and relieves pain. In[...]
5 Best Ways To Take Kratom
For decades, laborers in Southeast Asia have used kratom for its stimulating properties. Kratom reduces fatigue. For laborers, the best[...]
Best Kratom for Energy 2018
In Thailand, kratom leaves are used as a stimulant throughout the workday. Field workers roll up the leaves and leave[...]
Best Kratom for Pain 2018
Kratom contains an alkaloid called mitragynine that reduces pain. The higher the mitragynine content, the stronger the pain relief. The[...]
Best Kratom for Euphoria 2018
Kratom can make you feel euphoric and "high." Euphoria is a state of pleasure. The best kratom for euphoria contains[...]
Best Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal 2018
Kratom helps opioid addicts stop using heroin and other recreational drugs. When used appropriately, kratom can reduce opioid cravings and[...]
Kratom Ultimate Guide: Strains, Benefits, Pharmacology and Everything You Need To Know
Kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for its healing properties. Opioid addicts use kratom to reduce cravings[...]