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Do you want to do more of what you love and feel great doing it? 

ummm... yeah.  of course you do. In that case, you have to protect your brain. You need that thing. It's what makes you, you. 

That's why At   Dope.Fresh.Fit.

We're here to keep you mentally fitpumped with a positive mindset, and pain-free.

So get stoked to get serious about leveling up your brain and accomplishing your goals.

Hey, we feel you. Empathy is our business. 

Your happiness is our success story.

My Dope Story

Justin Dope.Fresh.Fit.

Why should you listen to my advice?


I'm Justin, and as far as my health is concerned, I definitely didn't win the

genetic lotteryI've struggled with a variety of medical issues since I was

young, and spent my childhood and first decade of adulthood wandering

through a fog of stress and discomfort. I was anxiety-ridden, depressed,

 and physically felt like garbage. A  lot of my issues I was able

to link back to chronic inflammation and acidic body chemistry due to food

intolerances. What challenges were left over I chalked up to the sexual abuse I

endured between the ages of five and nine. 

What I was stunned to discover was how much better I felt once I 

started to heal my gut and balance my hormone levels through diet and

exercise. It took several years of commitment to my new  habits before my

health really started to turn around. I eventually became an EMT and worked

the streets of Seattle for a couple of years before moving on. 

Having to fight through my health issues sharpened my observation skills 

and made me determined to share my journey. I hope that the information

offered at Dope.Fresh.Fit. helps you get the most out of life. I'd love

to do what I can to help you feel great faster. Join the  

Dope.Fresh.Fit. community today and start feeling incredible!

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